Separation of Contributions of the Magnetic Relaxation and Diffusion of Nanoparticles in Ferrofluids by Analyzing the Hyperfine Structure of Mössbauer Spectraстатья

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[1] Separation of contributions of the magnetic relaxation and diffusion of nanoparticles in ferrofluids by analyzing the hyperfine structure of mössbauer spectra / M. A. Chuev, V. M. Cherepanov, M. A. Polikarpov et al. // JETP Letters. — 2018. — Vol. 108, no. 1. — P. 59–62. The theory and method for analysis of Mössbauer spectra of magnetic nanoparticles in a fluid have been developed by generalizing the model of the magnetic dynamics of a Néel ensemble of antiferromagnetic particles to the case of ferrimagnetic iron oxides. The resulting model describing the “superposition” of the magnetic dynamics and translational motion of nanoparticles in ferrofluids has been tested in application to the simultaneous analysis of Mössbauer spectra of “dry” magnetite nanoparticles and the same particles in glycerol. [ DOI ]

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