Effect of Laser Fluence on Magnetic Properties of Thin MnxSi1 – x (x ≈ 0.5) Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Depositionстатья

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[1] Effect of laser fluence on magnetic properties of thin mnxsi1 – x (x ≈ 0.5) films prepared by pulsed laser deposition / A. B. Drovosekov, A. O. Savitsky, N. M. Kreines et al. // Physics of the Solid State. — 2018. — Vol. 60, no. 11. — P. 2188–2193. The effect of laser pulse energy E on the possibility of forming of a homogeneous “high-temperature” ferromagnetic phase in MnxSi1 – x (x ≈ 0.5) alloy films grown by pulsed laser deposition onto an Al2O3 (0001) substrate has been studied. The high-temperature phase with manganese concentration x ≈ 0.53 and the Curie temperature TC ∼ 200–300 K is shown to form near the substrate at the initial stage of the film growth. In this case, high values E ≥ 6.8 J/cm2 favor the stabilization of this phase over all film thickness, while low values E = 2.6–5.7 J/cm2 lead to a decrease in the manganese concentration in the upper film layer and the formation of additional “low–temperature” phase with TC ≈ 30–50 K provided by silicides MnSi and Mn4Si7 crystallites. [ DOI ]

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