Eco-friendly iron-humic nano-fertilizers tested with 57Fe in calcareous soilтезисы доклада

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[1] Eco-friendly iron-humic nano-fertilizers tested with 57fe in calcareous soil / M. T. Cieschi, A. Y. Polyakov, D. S. Volkov et al. // 19TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF IHSS. HUMIC SUBSTANCES AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION. Book of Abstracts. — Sofia, 2018. — P. 255–256. Three iron-humic hybrid nanomaterials were synthesized from leonardite humate and 57Fe isotope used in the form of 57Fe(NO3)3 and 57Fe2(SO4)3. They were characterized using Mossbauer spectroscopy, XRD, EXAFS and transmission electronic microscopy and tested for iron availability in a calcareous soil pot experiment under controlled conditions. Three doses of each iron-humic material were applied and iron nutrition contributions were evaluated using 57FeEDDHA as a positive control and soybean as iron deficient plants. The test plants fertilized with iron-humic compounds exhibited continuous and long-term iron uptake and showed high shoot fresh weight. Moreover, the humic fertilizers remained available in the soil and were observed in fruits.

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