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[1] Using airborne gravimeter gt2a in polar areas / Y. V. Bolotin, A. A. Golovan, Y. L. Smoller, S. S. Yurist // Proceedings of International Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: static and mobile measurements. — Concern “CSRI Elektropribor Saint Petersburg, 2013. — P. 36–40. The paper discusses a modification made to the airborne gravimeter GT-2A for operation in polar areas. The all-latitude version of the gravimeter GT-2AP (P stands for polar) employs the four antenna GPS receiver Javad QUATTRO-G3D. This receiver is automatically self-calibrated to construct the so-called GPS coordinate frame, tied to the aircraft body. During flight the receiver delivers the orientation matrix of the platform. The paper presents results of an airborne survey in polar areas with GT-2AP and provides a comparison of operation of GT-2A and GT-2AP at high latitudes.

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