Modeling and Identification of Cylindrical Bodies with Free Convection and Peltier Elements as Sources for Active Heatingстатья

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[1] Modeling and identification of cylindrical bodies with free convection and peltier elements as sources for active heating / D. Knyazkov, H. Aschemann, J. Kersten et al. // 2018 23rd International Conference on Methods & Models in Automation & Robotics (MMAR). — IEEE, 2018. — P. 424–429. The paper considers the modeling of active heating or natural cooling of a cylindrical body, - either vertically or horizontally arranged. The position dependency of the coefficient of convective heat transfer along the surface of the body on this process is investigated in detail. It turned out that its nonuniformity must be taken into account when solving problems of controlled heating for bodies with low thermal conductivity. An identification of the model parameters leads to results that are in good agreement with values from the literature for the experimental setup - a cylindrical body heated from both ends by two Peltier elements. [ DOI ]

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