Интеллектуальные информационные технологии – главный инструмент построения средств цифровой медициныстатья

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[1] Файнзильберг Л. С. Интеллектуальные информационные технологии – главный инструмент построения средств цифровой медицины // Управляющие системы и машины. — 2018. — № 3. — С. 1–17. Introduction. Biological and medical cybernetics has undergone a long way in developing methods for extracting knowledge about difficultly organized living systems. Mathematical models of separate organs in the norm and pathology, as well as mathematical models oriented on diagnos-tics, forecasting and treatment of various diseases, were created. The use of intellectual IT has led to a new paradigm of healthcare - digital medicine. The purpose of the article is to formulate the definition of intellectual IT for processing complex form’s signals and on the example of solving a specific problem to demonstrate the role of intellectual IT in enhancing the effectiveness of digital medicine. Methods. Basic definitions, recommendations and conclusions are based on the analysis of available publications and the results of own research. Result. The definition of intelligent IT for processing of complex form’ signals is given. The computational procedures which have the properties of natural intelligence (the ability to adapt to the minor situations, recognize the classes of environmental situations and improve their consumer properties during operation) are developed. The effectiveness of the proposed procedures is demonstrated on the example of phasegraphy - intellectual IT for the integral assessment of the functional state of the cardiovascular system by subtle changes in the form of ECG that are imperceptible in the traditional way of its analysis and interpretation. Conclusion. Intelligent properties of computational procedures implemented provided an ef-ficient extraction of diagnostic information from real ECGs distorted by internal and external dis-turbances. Key words: digital medicine, information technology, signal of complex forms, localized di-agnostic information. [ DOI ]

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