Quark–Diquark Structure and Masses of Doubly Charmed Baryonsстатья

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[1] Kiselev V. V., Berezhnoy A. V., Likhoded A. K. Quark–diquark structure and masses of doubly charmed baryons // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2018. — Vol. 81, no. 3. — P. 369–372. finite size of a doubly heavy diquark yields a positive correction to baryon masses calculated in the local-diquark approximation. Upon evaluating this correction for the ground states of doubly charmed baryons, it became possible to obtain new predictions of importance for current searches of these baryons in LHCb experiments: m[Ξ1/2++cc]≈m[Ξ1/2++cc] = 3615 ± 55 MeV and m[Ξ3/2++cc]≈m[Ξ3/2++cc] 3747 ± 55 MeV. [ DOI ]

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