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[1] Search for excited b+c states / А. В. Бережной, И. В. Горелов, А. К. Лефлат et al. // Journal of High Energy Physics. — 2018. — Vol. 2018, no. 1. A search is performed in the invariant mass spectrum of the B+c π+π− system for the excited B+c states Bc (21S0)+ and Bc (23S1)+ using a data sample of pp collisions collected by the LHCb experiment at the centre-of-mass energy of s√=8 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2 fb−1. No evidence is seen for either state. Upper limits on the ratios of the production cross-sections of the Bc (21S0)+ and Bc (23S1)+ states times the branching fractions of Bc (21S0)+ → B+c π+π− and Bc (23S1)+ → B_{c}^{*}^{+}π+π− over the production cross-section of the B+c state are given as a function of their masses. They are found to be between 0.02 and 0.14 at 95% confidence level for Bc (21S0)+ and Bc (23S1)+ in the mass ranges [6830, 6890] MeV/c2 and [6795, 6890] MeV/c2, respectively. [ DOI ]

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