New data on Lake Mogilnoe (Kildin Island, Barents Sea): results of the 2018 expeditionsтезисы доклада Тезисы

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[1] New data on lake mogilnoe (kildin island, barents sea): results of the 2018 expeditions / E. D. Krasnova, A. N. Vassilenko, D. A. Voronov et al. // Marine biology, geology and oceanography - interdisciplinary studies based on the marine Stations and Labs. 80th anniversary of the Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station. Internationsal conference. Abstracts / Ed. by Е. В. Ворцепнева. — KMK Scientific Press Moscow, 2018. — P. 66–67. In July and August 2018, two expeditions were organized to the relict lake Mogilnoye (Barents Sea, island Kildin) to study its current condition. Has the top fresh water layer really disappeared? Has the position of the hydrogen sulfide distribution boundary changed? Why could this happen? Is there a pink bacterial layer that protected the aerobic zone from toxic hydrogen sulphide, and what kind of phototrophic microorganisms are responsible for its color today? The report is devoted to the results of research carried out by a joint expeditions of Moscow and St. Petersburg State Universities.

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