Radial Basis Function for Non-Matching Mesh Interpolation in Parallel Solving FSI Problemтезисы доклада

Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Radial basis function for non-matching mesh interpolation in parallel solving fsi problem / S. Kopysov, I. Kuzmin, A. Novikov, N. Nedozhgin // Суперкомпьютерные дни в России: Труды международной конференции (24-25 сентября 2018 г., г. Москва). — М.: Изд-во МГУ, 2018. — P. 402–409. In strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction simulations, the fluid dynamics and solid dynamics problems are solved independently on their own meshes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to interpolate the physical properties (pressure, displacement) across two meshes. In the present paper, we propose to accelerate the interpolation process by the method of radial basis functions using the matrix-free solution of the system of equations on a GPU. Also, we reduce the number of equations in the system by using an adaptive algorithm for choosing interpolation points.

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