Application of Fermat's Principle to Calculation of the Errors of Acoustic Flow-Rate Measurements for a Three-Dimensional Fluid Flow or Gasстатья

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[1] Petrov A. G., Shkundin S. Z. Application of fermat's principle to calculation of the errors of acoustic flow-rate measurements for a three-dimensional fluid flow or gas // Doklady Physics. — 2018. — Vol. 63, no. 1. — P. 38–42. Fermat's variational principle is used for derivation of the formula for the time of propagation of a sonic signal between two set points A and B in a steady three-dimensional flow of a fluid or gas. It is shown that the fluid flow changes the time of signal reception by a value proportional to the flow rate independently of the velocity profile. The time difference in the reception of the signals from point B to point A and vice versa is proportional with a high accuracy to the flow rate. It is shown that the relative error of the formula does not exceed the square of the largest Mach number. This makes it possible to measure the flow rate of a fluid or gas with an arbitrary steady subsonic velocity field. [ DOI ]

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