Formation Water Salinity and Macro-Components’ Composition for Bazhenov, Achimov and Georgiev Formations from the Results of Water Extractстатья

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[1] Kazak E. S., Kharitonova N. A., Kazak A. V. Formation water salinity and macro-components’ composition for bazhenov, achimov and georgiev formations from the results of water extract // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. — 2018. — Vol. 73, no. 6. — P. 570–581. This paper presents a reliable dataset on formation water salinity (mineralization) and salt composition for low-permeable (tight) shale rocks of the Bazhenov, Achimov and Georgiev formations for the first time. The data were obtained via laboratory analysis of aqueous extracts from rock samples before and after hydrocarbon extraction (cleaning). Thermodynamic modeling of the obtained solutions with a number of minerals was carried out and a correlation analysis of the Na/Cl, Ca/SO4, Mg/SO4, Ca/Cl, Ca/HCO3, and Fe/SO 4 ratios was performed. It was established that the concentrations of certain macro-components, including Ca, Mg, Fe, hydrocarbonate, and sulfate ion in pore water cannot be reliably determined using aqueous-extract data, while at the same time, a reliable estimate of the minimal formation water salinity could be made. The need to use non-extracted core samples with the maximum preserved residual water saturation to study a pore water composition of tight shale rocks is shown. [ DOI ]

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