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[1] New changing look case in ngc 1566 / V. L. Oknyansky, H. Winkler, S. S. Tsygankov et al. // [astro-ph]. — 2018. — no. 1811.06926. — P. 1–7. We present a study of optical, UV and X-ray light-curves of the nearby changing look active galactic nucleus in the galaxy NGC 1566 obtained with the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory and the MASTER Global Robotic Network over the period 2007 - 2018. We also report on our optical spectroscopy at the South African Astronomical Observatory with the 1.9-m telescope on the night 2-3 August 2018. A substantial increase of X-ray flux by 1.5 orders of magnitude was observed following the brightening in the UV and optical bands during the last year. After a maximum was reached at the beginning of July 2018 the fluxes in all bands decreased with some fluctuations. The amplitude of the flux variability is strongest in the X-ray band and decreases with increasing wavelength. Low resolution spectra reveal a dramatic strengthening of the broad emission as well as high ionisation [FeX]6374 A lines. These lines were not detected so strongly in the past published spectra. The change in the type of the optical spectrum was accompanied by a significant change in the X-ray spectrum. All these facts confirm NGC 1566 to be a changing look Seyfert galaxy. [ DOI ]

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