From energy storage to EnerNet: Smart grid for abundant energyтезисы доклада

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[1] From energy storage to enernet: Smart grid for abundant energy / V. V. Boksha, R. O. Foster, A. N. Ignatiev et al. // Smart Grid Conference (SASG), 2014 Saudi Arabia. — IEEE Jeddah, 2014. — P. 1–8. We see two major pains today: new energy sources and energy storage. BG Partners Group and SGiM work on breakthrough solutions to directly address both problems with our proprietary products and in collaboration with our strategic partners. We focus on environmentally friendly fuel cells for distributed, reliable, high quality energy generation and storage as well as heating-cooling cogeneration - from mobile to residential and grid level applications. Using Silicon Valley style effective product incubation platforms, we emphasize and illustrate a hybrid innovation model which combines the two best commercialization approaches - corporate labs and venture capital funded start-ups. In closing, there is a note on the new manufacturing and regional policies and strategies currently active in re-shaping the energy landscape. [ DOI ]

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