Intracellular Cholesterol Deposition is Strictly Related to Mitochondrial Function: the Evidence from Studies in Cytoplasmic Hybridsстатья

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[1] Intracellular cholesterol deposition is strictly related to mitochondrial function: the evidence from studies in cytoplasmic hybrids / I. Sobenin, V. Sinyov, N. Nikiforov et al. // Atherosclerosis Supplements. — 2018. — Vol. 32. — P. 102. Since the nuclear background of different cybrid lines is kept constant, this technique allowed to study the in fluence of mtDNA mutation load on cell function. Cybrid cells differing only by the content of mitochondria and mtDNA from different donors are capable of accumulating cholesterol to varying degrees when incubated with atherogenic LDL, that is, they differ significantly by this indicator of functional activity.

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