Optical readout of controlled monomer–dimerself-assemblyстатья

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[1] Optical readout of controlled monomer–dimerself-assembly / P. A. Tarakanov, E. N. Tarakanova, P. V. Dorovatovskii et al. // Dalton Transactions. — 2018. — Vol. 47. — P. 14169–14173. 5,7-Substituted 1,4-diazepinoporphyrazine magnesium(II) complexes were synthesized via Mg(II)-alkoxide templated macrocyclization. A single crystal growth synchrotron diffraction analysis permitted what is to our knowledge the first structural characterization of a 1,4-diazepinoporphyrazine. It exists as a dimer in the solid state. In silico calculations supported by solution phase spectral studies involving a series of representative derivatives, provided insights into the factors governing dimerization of 1,4-diazepinoporphyrazines. The present 1,4-diazepinoporphyrazines serve as useful probes for understanding the determinants that guide dimer–monomer equilibria and the self-assembly of phthalocyanine derivatives. [ DOI ]

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