Succession of Prokaryotic community in Chronosequences of Abandoned Overburden Spoil Heaps of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (Kursk, Russia) Using 454 Pyrosequencingтезисы доклада

Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Succession of prokaryotic community in chronosequences of abandoned overburden spoil heaps of the kursk magnetic anomaly (kursk, russia) using 454 pyrosequencing / I. Ekaterina, P. Elizaveta, K. Dina et al. // Geophysical Research Abstract, EGU General Assembly 2018. — Vol. 20 of 20. — Germany: Germany, 2018. The analysis of microbiological diversity of soil samples investigated allow us to conclude that technogenic dumps formed by clay textured overburden mines in the KMA region were favorable substrate for the development of microorganisms. However, the increase in biodiversity and the transition to a stable (climax) type community were observed only 50 years after the formation of the dumps. This process was characterized by the replacement of copiotrophic microbial forms by oligotrophic ones, among which various types of Actinobacteria played essential roles. This could be considered important in the modulation of soil metabolism, which is essential for the transformation of organic matter and for humification as a holistic process.

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