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[1] Reconfigurable photonics on a glass chip / I. V. Dyakonov, I. A. Pogorelov, I. B. Bobrov et al. // Physical Review Applied. — 2018. — Vol. 10, no. 4. — P. 044048. The reconfigurability of integrated photonic chips plays a key role in current experiments in the area of linear-optical quantum computing. We demonstrate a reconfigurable multiport interferometer implemented as a femtosecond-laser-written integrated photonic device. The device includes a femtosecond-laser-written 4×4 multiport interferometer equipped with 12 thermo-optical phase shifters, making it a universal programmable linear-optical circuit. We achieve a fast switching time for a single nested Mach-Zender interferometer of ∼10 ms and quantitatively analyse the reconfigurability of the optical circuit. We believe that our results will improve the current state of quantum-optical experiments utilizing femtosecond-laser-written photonic circuits. [ DOI ]

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