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[1] Kosyan R., Krylenko V., Krylenko M. Regional peculiarities of the criteria selection for multidisciplinary classification of coasts // Proceeding of the Thirteenth International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Science, Engineering, Management and Conservation, MEDCOAST 17, 31 Oct - 04 Nov 2017, Mellieha, Malta. ISBN 978-605-85652-7-2. — Vol. 1. — MEDCOAST, Mediterranien Coastal Foundation Dalyan, Mugla, Turkey, 2017. — P. 169–180. Planning of the economical development and protection of marine coasts is impossible without understanding how natural conditions and technogenic transformations influence the coastal geo-systems. Permanent changes of coasts is a natural process characteristic of all world coasts. At the same time, the coastline length with technological transformation increases even in the most remote regions. It is clear that timely and reliable information about the observed and predicted variations in the acceptable technogenic changes of the coasts is needed for the economically efficient and environmentally sound technical use of the coastal space as well as the adjustment of the economical activity to the possible changes of the seacoasts. This information should be available and clear for any user; it should be universal and objective. Below, we describe the main principles of the multidisciplinary assessment of the Russian seacoasts and suggest a system of criteria for the qualitative assessment of the economical and geo-ecological values of the individual regions of seacoasts and their resistance to the possible natural and technogenic treats. Testing of the criteria system over the test sites on the Azov-Black seas and Arctic coasts of Russia showed that the sets of criteria may vary for the coasts with significantly different physical and geographical conditions.

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