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[1] Oknyansky V. L., Malanchev K. L., Gaskell C. M. Changing-look narrow-line seyfert 1s? // ArXiv e-prints. — 2018. — Vol. 1810, no. 1810.08844. — P. 1–6. Two major challenges to unification schemes for active galactic nuclei (AGN) are the existence of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s (NLS1s) and the existence of changing-look (CL) AGNs. AGNs can drastically change their spectral appearance in the optical (changing their Seyfert type) and/or in the X-ray region. We illustrate the CL phenomenon with our multi-wavelength monitoring of NGC 2617 and discuss its properties compared with NLS1s. There are few examples of CL NLS1s and the changes are mostly only in the X-ray region. It has been proposed that some of these could be cases of a tidal-disruption events (TDE) or supernova events. If BLRs have a flat geometry and NLS1s are seen face-on then we have to see CL cases only if the orientation of the BLR changes as a result of a TDE or a close encounter of a star without a TDE. If NLS1s include both high Eddington accretion rat and low-inclination AGNs then a significant fraction of NLS1s could be obscured and would not be identified as NLS1s. CL cases might happen more in such objects if dust sublimation occurs following a strong increase in the optical luminosity.

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