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[1] Львова О. А., Бобылева А. З. Insolvent business rescue in modern russia: Lessons for new legislative approaches // 34th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - XVIII International Social Congress (ISC-2018). — Economic and Social Development (Book of Proceedings). — Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia Varazdin, Croatia, 2018. — P. 34–41. The paper deals with the analysis of existing and perspective business restructuring opportunities in Russia by examining the main features of Russian Insolvency Law, including the conduct of insolvency proceedings, the role and methodology of financial analysis as a basis for choosing strategy and tactics of corporate rescue. Special attention is devoted to the empirical study or effectiveness of insolvency system in Russia based including recent statistical data analysis. The main factors caused prevalence of liquidation procedures over rehabilitation legal mechanisms are determined. As a result of research, the paper presents the main directions of systemic transformation of the Russian insolvency institution through legislation amendments i.e. development of professional standards for financial analysis within procedures, introducing the option for direct commencement of restructuring procedure, measures for insolvency prevention, advanced training and independent certification of business rescue managers, increase motivation of corporate rescue by changing the concept of insolvency administrators remuneration.

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