Local Dissipation Relaxation Processes in Modified Latex Polymer under Negative Temperaturesстатья

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[1] Local dissipation relaxation processes in modified latex polymer under negative temperatures / T. R. Aslamazova, V. A. Kotenev, N. Y. Lomovskaya et al. // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering. — 2018. — Vol. 52, no. 6. — P. 929–934. Dynamic mechanical relaxation spectroscopy is used to study local dissipation processes of μ-relaxation occurring in a modified latex polymer in the negative temperature range with account for their pretreatment in the freezing–thawing mode. The differential processing of temperature–frequency dependences is performed to identify the regions of their manifestation. The maximums of local dissipation processes due to the change in the relaxation structure and elastic properties of the polymer in the presence of the modifier are detected. [ DOI ]

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