Use of Onion-Like Carbon to Reinforce Carbon Compositesстатья

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[1] Use of onion-like carbon to reinforce carbon composites / А. А. Галигузов, А. П. Малахо, С. В. Минчук et al. // Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal. — 2018. — Vol. 20, no. 3. — P. 201–208. Onion-like carbon reinforced carbon-carbon composite was fabricated, and the influence of onion-like carbon (OLC) on the microstructure and mechanical and friction properties was investigated by porosity analysis, scanning electron microscopy, three-point bending test, nanoindentation test and ring-on-ring friction test. The results show that the sample containing OLC has a higher flexural strength (by 7.3%) and compressive strength (by 29.3%), hardness (by 2.1 times) and apparent density (by 1.1%) and smaller open porosity (7.9% vs 9.8%) and mesoporevolume, which is confirmed by porosity analysis and is attributed to improved fiber/matrix interface performance. The presence of OLC results in higher hardness and elastic modulus of carbon matrix under nanoindentation testing, which leads to modification of friction mechanism and a decrease in the wear rate under friction (by 3.3 times). Besides, OLC particles form self-lubricating film and show a graphitic carbon solid lubricant properties. [ DOI ]

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