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[1] Comparative-study of microcrystalline diamond / A. OBRAZTSOV, M. TIMOFEYEV, M. GUSEVA et al. // Diamond and Related Materials. — 1995. — Vol. 4, no. 7. — P. 968–971. Raman spectra of diamond powders and polycrystalline CVD diamond films with diamond crystalline size from 4 mu m to 5 nm have been measured as a function of the crystallite size. The Raman diamond line at 1332 cm(-1) was found for the powder to become more asymmetric with decreasing particle size to 5 nm. A strong influence of substrate temperature and methane-hydrogen gas mixture pressure during diamond films growth by the d.c. glow discharge method on linewidths and peak position have been found. The observed results are explained by ”phonon confinement” and by strain effects. CVD and laser-evaporated nanophase diamond films were produced and have shown a Raman line at 1140 cm(-1). [ DOI ]

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