Estimating Risk of Dynamic Trading Strategies from High Frequency Data Flowстатья

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[1] Estimating risk of dynamic trading strategies from high frequency data flow / Y. Balasanov, A. Doynikov, V. Lavrent'ev, L. Nazarov // ADVANCES IN DATA MINING: APPLICATIONS AND THEORETICAL ASPECTS, ICDM 2015. — Vol. 9165 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. — Springer International Publishing Hamburg, Germany, 2015. — P. 153–165. We consider the problem of risk management in the framework of low latency trading. We suggest an efficient method of real-time analysis of massive data flow from the market. The result of the analysis is a new risk measure Dynamic VaR (DVaR) for risk management of low latency trading robots. The work of DVaR is illustrated on a test example and compared with Traditional VaR and ex-post measure commonly used in high frequency trading. [ DOI ]

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