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[1] Avalanche accidents in russia / Y. Seliverstov, T. Glazovskaya, A. Turchaninova, A. Kerimov // Proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop ISSW 2018, Innsbruck, Austria, 7–12 October 2018 / Fischer, J.-T., Adams, M., Dobesberger, P., Fromm, R., Gobiet, A.,
Granig, M., Mitterer, C., Nairz, P., Tollinger, C., Walcher, M. (eds.). — Innsbruck ISSW, 2018. — P. 1241–1244. We have collected information about avalanche disasters on the territory of Russia for the period of 1996–2017. The analysis of spatial distribution, the social structure of the victims is carried out. Time dynamics of avalanche disasters is determined. The meteorological conditions of avalanches formation caused victims are estimated.

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