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1. Ryzhikova_2018_J._Phys.Conf._Ser._1141_012059.pdf Ryzhikova_2018_J._Phys.Conf._Ser._1141_012059.pdf 702,8 КБ 23 декабря 2018 [Ryzhikova]

[1] Ryzhikova Y., Mukhartova I., Ryzhikov S. Scaling properties of fractal-like structures // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2018. — P. 012059–1–012059–8. This work is aimed at solving one of the fundamental problems of modern fractal optics. The goal is to establish general laws that relate structural features of fractal-like systems and their associated spectral characteristics. Establishing such laws allows finding new diagnostic approaches for exploration of fractal-like systems and their formation processes. Nanocluster systems and multilayer structures, also with inclusion of metamaterial inserts, were chosen as the objects of research. A wide variety of applications of varying physical nature is enabled as fractal optics successfully penetrate into interdisciplinary technologies and theoretical concepts. In this work, particular interest is paid to scaling properties of structures of the studied systems and their optical characteristics. Based on theoretically obtained amplitude and phase distributions of light waves that diffract or interfere in the analyzed systems, the features of scaling in light fields are determined. When analyzing the obtained modeling results, a comparison is made between the structural features of the studied systems revealed by the scaling parameters in diffraction patterns and transmission spectra. [ DOI ]

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