Fine Structure in the Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum Measured by ATICстатья

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[1] Fine structure in the cosmic ray electron spectrum measured by atic / A. D. Panov, V. I. Zatsepin, N. V. Sokolskaya et al. // Proceedings of the Fourteent Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics. Particle Physics at the Year of Astronomy. — World Scientific, 2010. — P. 256–258. New analysis to separate electrons from protons in the ATIC experiment has been performed. Five new discriminants were studied by different Monte Carlo programs. New electron spectrum, when compared with the published results [1], show good agreement in the most interesting region of energy (from 90 GeV to 600 GeV). It is argued that there is no disagreement between ATIC's results and Fermi-LAT ones. Finally, high-resolution electron spectrum is obtained and possible fine structure is found out in it. [ DOI ]

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