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[1] Тимонин А. К. Пытаясь биологизировать систематику // ЖУРНАЛ ОБЩЕЙ БИОЛОГИИ. — 1993. — Т. 54, № 3. — С. 369–372. ATTEMPTING TO MAKE TAXONOMY MORE BIOLOGICAL... (A COMMENT PAVLINOV'S "IS THERE THE BIOLOGICAL SPECIES...") Pavlinov's article under consideration is a manifestation of current change of paradigm in both systematics and entire biology. The oncoming paradigm seems to perceive the biota as integrated dissipative unit which development leads implicitly to its self-structuring. This process results in appearing of constituent dissipative elements. The latters are treated by Pavlinov as biological species. Such interpretation presents new reasoning for the species ontological status. It is stressed that higher taxa might be ontologized such way, too. Within this framework, both epistemological and ontological statuses of higher taxa and species become the same. The higher taxa, like the species, can entirely or partly contain forms that are not organized into respective subtaxa. However, contrary to Pavlinov's opinion, this does not make unnecessary elaboration of criteria for recognition of natural biological classifications.

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