Synthesis and structure of 1,2-O-alkylidene-6-chloro-6-desoxy-α-D-glucofuranose 3,5-[alkyl(aryl) phosphates]статья

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[1] Synthesis and structure of 1,2-o-alkylidene-6-chloro-6-desoxy-α-d-glucofuranose 3,5-[alkyl(aryl) phosphates] / S. B. Khrebtov, M. P. Koroteev, N. M. Pugashova et al. // Russian Journal of General Chemistry. — 1996. — Vol. 66, no. 5. — P. 732–737. Reaction of alkylideneglucofuranose 3,5-(chlorophosphates) with alcohols and phenols leads to the corresponding normal phosphates (triesters). In a basic medium, the reactions proceed mainly with retention of the phosphorus configuration except for 2,4-dinitrophenol. The NMR spectra showed the presence of structures with twist and distorted chair conformations of the phosphorinane ring in solutions of the normal phosphates. According to X-ray analysis data, in crystal the phosphorinane ring of the cis-phosphates has a twist conformation. © 1996 MAEe cyrillic signK Hayκa/Interperiodica Publishing.

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