Cymoid evolution resulting in (closed) thyrse: Talinum Adans. (Portulacaceae) versus Wilhelm Trollстатья

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[1] Timonin A. C. Cymoid evolution resulting in (closed) thyrse: Talinum adans. (portulacaceae) versus wilhelm troll // Wulfenia. — 2005. — Vol. 12. — P. 1–19. GOEBEL (1931) and TROLL (1964) have maintained that a cymoid is a derivation of a closed thyrse caused by pre-displacement of its terminal flower. Neither morphology of Talinum's inflorescences nor their development confirm an inflorescence evolution as outlined above. Moreover, evolution thus maintained does not cover all variant forms of the inflorescence revealed in Talinnm species so far. An alternative hypothesis is presented here: the closed thyrse has derived from the cymoid via incorporating distal paracladium(ia) into the main florescence and reshaping it (them) into partial florescence(s) viz. cyme(s). Every variant form of Talinum's inflorescences revealed fits well the hypothesised evolution as a presumed stage of cymoid to closed thyrse transformation. As evolutionary stages, the inflorescences show vestiges of such an evolution. The incorporative evolution of Talinum's inflorescences has mostly resulted in extending thyrses. It has transformed a bi-nodal thyrse into a (advanced) cymoid via uniting both nodes into one at least in T. triangulare, however. Incorporative change from primitive cymoid through closed thyrse to advanced cymoid is a display of 'pseudocyclic evolution' which has no connection with the well-known 'pseudocyclic evolution' of inflorescences via truncation. Incorporative origin of an extended main florescence is alternative to ordinal distal homogenisation of a panicle. Paracladium incorporation as an universal evolutionary trend of Talinum's inflorescences is a contestation of an actual practice to segregate Talinum s. 1. species into a set of genera. Keywords: inflorescence, cymoid, thyrse, incorporative evolution, pseudocyclic evolution, homogenisation, Talnum, Portulacaceae.

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