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[1] Smirnov I., Andreeva A. What we can learn by measuring plants and smartphone app for assessing asymmetry fluctuation in tree leaves // “Raising standards through inquiry: Professional development in the natural environment”. Abstracts. — BGCI, Великобритания, 2013. — P. 132–133. В сборнике представлены материалы Конференции по INQUIRE - образованию. Часть 3 (Workshops). Представлены тезисы мастер-класса (workshop), проведенного нами в рамках конференции. The conference proceedings highlight best practice for inquiry-based activities by outlining many which have been tried and tested by botanic gardens. In addition, there is discussion of the more theoretical aspects of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE). The INQUIRE Conference Proceedings (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 9-10 July 2013. London: BGCI) contains the keynote speeches, posters, workshops and papers presented at the conference and provides details of the ideas discussed as well as highlighting best practice in IBSE and offering ideas for lesson plans. The Proceeding are broken down into four documents: Conference Proceedings 1 : Introduction, keynote speeches and papers Conference Proceedings 2 : Papers Conference Proceedings 3 : Workshops Conference Proceedings 4: Posters Available at: www.inquirebotany.org ISBN-10: 1-905164-50-5 ISBN-13: 978-1-905164-50-9.

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