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[1] Kudela K., Lazutin L. Solar influence on the magnetosphere: informations by cosmic rays // The Sun, the Solar Wind, and the Heliosphere. — Vol. 4. — Mari Paz Paz Miralles and Jorge Sánchez Almeida, IAGA Special Sopron Book Series, 2011. — P. 199–207. Abstract The state of the magnetosphere is influenced by the effects driven from the solar surface. The models of geomagnetic field are parametrized by the mag- netopshere activity indices which are related to IMF and solar wind characteris- tics. Cosmic rays could serve as a tool for ”remote sensing” of the redistribution of IMF structure in interplanetary space and for checking validity of geomagnetic field models with external current systems. The anisotropy of cosmic rays observed on the ground is influenced by superposition of (a) interplanetary anisotropy due to transitional effects and by (b) variable transmissivity of magnetosphere itself. The possibilities to deconvolute the two dependences is discussed. Anisotropy observed at neutron monitors and muon telescopes just before the onset of some geomag- netic storms is reviewed. The changes of geomagnetic cut-off, structure of the trans- missivity function and asymptotic directions for various geomagnetic field models during strong geomagnetic storms are discussed. Low altitude polar orbiting satel- lites with large geometric factors for high energy particles (e.g. CORONAS-F) are suitable for (a) estimates of energy spectra of solar or interplanetary accelerated particles by checking the outer zone boundary of trapping and for (b) checking how the different geomagnetic field models are fitting the observed trapped particle pro- files in different local time sectors. Independently on the state of magnetosphere, the measurements of energetic ”neutral emissions” (gammas and neutrons) near the Earth or on the ground, serve as indicator of acceleration processes on solar surface. [ DOI ]

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