Real-Time Tracking of Polymer Crystallization Dynamics in Organic Bulk Heterojunctions by Raman Microscopyстатья

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[1] Real-time tracking of polymer crystallization dynamics in organic bulk heterojunctions by raman microscopy / A. A. Mannanov, V. V. Bruevich, E. V. Feldman et al. // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. — 2018. — Vol. 122, no. 34. — P. 19289–19297. State-of-the-art organic photovoltaic active layers typically undergo post-treatment such as thermal or solvent vapor annealing to increase their performance by tuning the bulk heterojunction morphology. Molecular crystallinity is one of the key factors that determine the morphology. Real-time tracking of the crystallinity during the post-treatment is strongly desired for understanding the physics of the crystallization process and for optimizing the post-treatment protocol. Here, we report on the cold crystallization (CC) dynamics of the polymer in the temperature range of 50–150 oC in polymer:fullerene blends based on poly(3-hexylthiophene) with various fullerene-based acceptors (C60, PC61BM, PC71BM, bisPC61BM, HBIM, AIM8, and IrC60) in real-time by Raman microscopy. We also reveal how different solvents, fullerene acceptors, and temperatures affect CC during thermal annealing. We further demonstrate a correlation between the fullerene derivative weight and the polymer crystallinity for the as-cast films and also a correlation of the polymer crystallinity before and after annealing. Our findings are essential for developing efficient strategies of morphology optimization in emerging organic photovoltaic devices with real-time Raman microscopy tracking as a valuable tool. [ DOI ]

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