Incorporation of Naphthalocyanine into Shells of Polyelectrolyte Capsules and Their Disruption under Laser Radiationстатья

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[1] Incorporation of naphthalocyanine into shells of polyelectrolyte capsules and their disruption under laser radiation / I. V. Marchenko, T. N. Borodina, D. B. Trushina et al. // Colloid Journal. — 2018. — Vol. 80, no. 4. — P. 399–406. Different methods have been proposed for the incorporation of a dye, vanadyl tetra-5,14,23,32-phenyl-2,3-naphthalocyanine, into the shells of polyelectrolyte capsules. Capsule preparation conditions have been selected to provide efficient incorporation of the dye and stability of capsules to aggregation. A suspension of the capsules has been irradiated with lasers operating at wavelengths belonging to the near-infrared spectral region. It has been found that the capsules can be disrupted under the irradiation. Continuous and pulsed laser radiations have been shown to have different effects on the capsules. [ DOI ]

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