Studying Differences in the Structure of Personal Professional Orientation of Adolescents Inclined to Exact and Humanitarian Sciencesстатья

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[1] Studying differences in the structure of personal professional orientation of adolescents inclined to exact and humanitarian sciences / E. A. SOROKOUMOVA, M. G. KURNOSOVA, V. O. ZHURINSKAYA et al. // Astra Salvensis. — 2018. — Vol. 4, no. 2. — P. 621–632. Abstract: This article reflects the current direction of psychological research in the professional self-determination of high school students. The problem of professional orientation is considered the most important factor of personal and professional development of the modern teenager; differences in the structures of the individual orientation and in the value orientations of students inclined to different disciplines are revealed. The relationship between the components of the individual professional orientation in the context of needs and interests is defined. The peculiarities of the scale of values and motives as significant components of the professional self-determination of a modern teenager are explored. The influence of motivation and value orientations on the individual‘s professional self-determination during the time of declaring their professional intentions is considered. Intermediate results of professional orientation studies at the stage of professional self-determination are presented. Particular attention is paid to the results of comparative studies and the revealed differences in the structure of the professional orientation of teenagers prone to the exact and humanitarian sciences. Keywords: professional orientation, professional self-determination, value orientations.

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