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[1] Oknyansky V. L., Malanchev K. L., Gaskell C. M. Changing-look narrow-line seyfert 1s? // Proceedings of Science. — 2018. — Vol. 328, no. id. 12. — P. 1–6. Two major challenges to unification schemes for active galactic nuclei (AGN) activity are the existence of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s (NLS1s) and the existence of changing-look (CL) AGNs. AGNs can drastically change their spectral appearance in the optical (changing their Seyfert type) and/or in the X-ray region. We illustrate the CL phenomenon with our multi-wavelength monitoring of the typical CL AGN NGC 2617 and discuss its properties compared with NLS1s. There are few examples of CL NLS1s and the changes are mostly only in the X-ray region. So far only a few NLS1s have been found to have strong changes in the optical emission lines. It has been proposed that some of these could be cases of a tidal-disruption events (TDE) or supernova events. If NLS1s are seen face-on and BLRs have a flat geometry then we have to see CL cases only if the orientation of the BLR changes as a result of a TDE or a close encounter of a star without a TDE.If NLS1s include both high Eddington rate accretion and low-inclination AGNs then a significant fraction of NLS1s could be obscured and would not be identified as NLS1s. CL cases might happen more in such objects if dust sublimation occurs following a strong increase in the optical luminosity. [ DOI ]

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