Heart Functional State Diagnostic Using Pattern Recognition of Phase Space ECG-Imagesстатья

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[1] Fainzilberg L. S. Heart functional state diagnostic using pattern recognition of phase space ecg-images // Proceeding of the 6-th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing (EUFIT ’98). — Vol. 3 of № B-27. — Aachen(Germany),, 1998. — P. 1878–1882. The modern to analysis and interpretation of ECG-data based on them presentation in phase space is considered. This presentation allows to obtain some new features of real ECG which may be used to increase the sensibility of ECG analysis. For selection of suitable diagnostic features we used obtained earlier theoretical results which guarantee usefulness of any feature when the problem of pattern recognition of two classes in statistical statement have to be solved. Decision rules for recognizing the normal and abnormal heart functional state based on selected features was constructed and justified. The experimental results of clinical testing are given.

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