Formation of Oriented Rodlike Nickel Silicide Precipitates during Magnetron Deposition of Carbon and Nickel on Siliconстатья

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[1] Formation of oriented rodlike nickel silicide precipitates during magnetron deposition of carbon and nickel on silicon / P. N. Chernykh, N. G. Chechenin, I. A. Sergachev, M. A. Timofeev // Journal of Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques. — 2011. — Vol. 5, no. 1. — P. 65–69. Formation of rodlike structures elongated in the < 100 > and < 010 > directions of silicon crystal was observed during magnetron codeposition of carbon and nickel on (100) silicon substrate with a natural oxide layer. Rodlike structures did not form during deposition in similar conditions on (111) silicon substrate. It has been revealed that the rodlike structures represent epitaxial nickel silicide precipitates. The results of experimental study of the composition, structure, and shape of forming silicide clusters as a function of the silicon substrate orientation and the codeposited layer thickness are presented. [ DOI ]

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