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[1] On the composition analysis of nc-tic/a-c : H nanocomposite coatings / N. G. Chechenin, P. N. Chernykh, V. S. Kulikauskas et al. // Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics. — 2008. — Vol. 41, no. 8. Using a set of ion beam analysis (IBA) techniques the compositions of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon (DLC) nanocomposite coatings are scrutinized, including the hydrogen content. The coatings are composed of two constituents: amorphous hydrocarbon matrix (a-C : H) and nanocrystalline titanium carbide (nc-TiC(a)) which makes it challenging to quantify the sp(3)/sp(2) ratio of the a-C : H matrix. Using IBA and SEM data, the partial mass densities of nc-TiC(a) and a-C : H matrix are obtained. The latter is analysed as a function of hydrogen content and compared with the density of pure sp(3) bonding DLC and of sp(2) graphite containing different contents of hydrogen. In addition, the fraction of sp(3) bonding in the matrix is estimated assuming a linear dependence on the mass densities of the matrix. [ DOI ]

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