Physical Origins for Variations in the Apparent Positions of Quasarsстатья

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[1] Physical origins for variations in the apparent positions of quasars / V. E. Zharov, M. V. Sazhin, V. N. Sementsov et al. // Astronomy Reports. — 2009. — Vol. 53, no. 7. — P. 579–589. The physical origins of the apparent motion of radio sources in the ICRF are considered. The sources can be divided into four groups, according to the characteristics of their motion. Here, we consider the model for the motion of the first group of sources-those displaying uniform linear motion. Since the apparent speeds of the radio sources are close to, and sometimes exceeding, the speed of light, it is natural to suppose that these sources are relativistic jets or plasma clouds moving with speeds close to the speed of light. Uniform linear motion can be explained by a model invoking precession of the jet. We consider the physical characteristics of a number of selected sources of the ICRF in the proposed model. [ DOI ]

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