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[1] Fainzilberg L. S. Nowa metoda interpretacji zapisu ekg w balaniach skriningowych oraz w opiece domowej // Zdrowie publiczne (Public Health). — 2005. — Vol. 115, no. 4. — P. 458–464. In opposition to the methods of clinical diagnostics oriented towards making diagnosis more detailed, the main objective of screening examinations and pre-clinical diagnostics, is to recognize a tendency towards disease development. The paper shows that the use of new information technologies in ECG analysis and interpretation enables heart screening, and especially identification of patients at the initial stages of the ischemic heart disease. The author presented an original approach to signal processing, based on averaging the deformed ECG in the phase space coordinates. It has been shown that this method makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the model cycle assessment and precision of the analysis of electrocardiography symptoms of the ischemic heart disease, occurring in the repolarization fragment. On the basis of the clinical material (441 ECG records of the verified patients with ischemia, and 387 records of healthy volunteers), it was found that _T, characteristics, which describes the ‘symmetries’ of S-T fragment of the average phase trajectory has a diagnostic value: sensitivity SE = 81%, specificity SP = 78%, the positive predicate value P(+) = 80.8%, and the negative predictive value P(-) = 78.2%. Considering the prevalence of ischemic heart disease, the study proved the effectiveness of the new method developed to carry out prophylactic examinations both at a health care centre and at home.

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