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[1] Application of gt-2a gravimetric complex in the problems of airborne gravimetry / A. A. Golovan, V. V. Klevtsov, I. V. Koneshov et al. // Izvestiya - Physics of the Solid Earth. — 2018. — Vol. 54, no. 4. — P. 658–664. The airborne gravity measurements both in Russia and abroad widely use the GT-2A aerogravimetric complex. This complex has a number of benefits but suffers from a serious limitation: in high latitudes, it is incapable of making measurements on westward courses. In this paper, we consider the causes of this drawback and propose theoretical solutions to fix it. Based on the obtained extensive empirical data, we select the most suitable solution. This enables us to suggest a modification of the GT-2A gravimetric complex for conducting airborne gravity surveys in the regions of the polar caps of the Earth. [ DOI ]

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