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[1] Жовнер Е. А. The bull and bear political communication strategies: Degrees of victory and defeat // Материалы Международного молодежного научного форума ЛОМОНОСОВ-2018. — Секция "Филология". — МАКС Пресс Москва Москва, 2018. In terms of pragmalinguistics, presidential election debates can be primarily considered as a verbal confrontation between candidates seeking to win or hold power. Of special interest for researchers are communication tactics and strategies pursued by contenders. Examples of us-and-them polarization in electoral discourse are plentiful. Each is somewhat unique as rivals unpredictable in their communicative behavior. This paper discusses the US presidential debates of 2000 and 2004 with the intent to find out the secret of G.W. Bush’s communication victory and roots of Al Gore’s and John Kerry’s failures.

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