Transport, Magnetic, and Memristive Properties of a Nanogranular (CoFeB)x(LiNbOy)100 – x Composite Materialстатья

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[1] Transport, magnetic, and memristive properties of a nanogranular (cofeb)x(linboy)100 – x composite material / V. V. Ryl’kov, S. N. Nikolaev, V. A. Demin et al. // Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. — 2018. — Vol. 126. — P. 353–368. Abstract—The properties of (CoFeB)x(LiNbOy)100 – x nanocomposite films with a ferromagnetic alloy content x = 6–48 at % are comprehensively studied. The films are shown to consist of ensembles of CoFe granules 2–4 nm in size, which are strongly elongated (up to 10–15 nm) in the nanocomposite growth direction and are located in an LiNbOy matrix with a high content of Fe2+ and Co2+ magnetic ions (up to 3 × 1022 cm–3). At T ≤ 25 K, a paramagnetic component of the magnetization of nanocomposites is detected along with a ferromagnetic component, and the contribution of the former component is threefold that of the latter. A hysteresis of the magnetization is observed below the percolation threshold up to x ≈ 33 at %, which indicates the appearance of a superferromagnetic order in the nanocomposites. The temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of the nanocomposites in the range T ≈ 10–200 K on the metallic side of the metal–insulator transition (44 < x < 48 at %) is described by a logarithmic law σ(T) ∝ lnT. This law changes into the law of “1/2” at x ≤ 40 at %. The tunneling anomalous Hall effect is strongly suppressed and the longitudinal conductivity turns out to be lower than in a (CoFeB)x(AlOy)100 – x composite material by an order of magnitude. The capacitor structures based on (CoFeB)x(LiNbOy)100 – x films exhibit resistive switching effects. [ DOI ]

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