Investigation of a superconducting Mg(1-x)Al(x)B(2) system by tunneling and microjunction (Andreev) spectroscopiesстатья

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[1] Investigation of a superconducting mg(1-x)al(x)b(2) system by tunneling and microjunction (andreev) spectroscopies / Y. G. Ponomarev, S. A. Kuzmichev, N. M. Kadomtseva et al. // JETP Letters. — 2004. — Vol. 79, no. 10. — P. 484–488. A detailed investigation of multiband superconductivity in the Mg(1−x)Al(x)B(2) system was carried out by the methods of tunneling and Andreev spectroscopy. Temperature dependences of the superconducting gaps and their variation upon an increase in the degree of disorder and the Al concentration were studied. It is shown that the experimentally observed dependences cannot be explained in detail within the framework of the presently available microscopic theories. [ DOI ]

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