Anomalous Dependence of Wear Properties on the Mixture Composition of Hydrocarbon Oils with Polyorganosiloxanesстатья

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[1] Anomalous dependence of wear properties on the mixture composition of hydrocarbon oils with polyorganosiloxanes / G. F. Pavelko, E. G. Bordubanova, T. A. Zaimovskaya et al. // Journal of Friction and Wear. — 2018. — Vol. 39, no. 3. — P. 241–244. In the course of studying the dependence of wear properties on the composition of a mixture of hydrocarbon oils with polyorganosiloxanes, it has been revealed that adding 10 wt % hydrocarbon oils to polyorganosiloxane leads to significant growth in the diameter of the wear pot. A further increase in the content of hydrocarbon oils in the mixture at a concentration of ∼30 wt % induces a sharp decrease in the wear parameter and it has a value lower than that for a clean oil. An analogous, but less expressed dependence for antiscuff properties has been observed. The values of density and viscosity of the mixtures in the same limits was detected. Based on element analysis, IR spectroscopy, and roentgen fluorescent analysis, the nature of the found effect has been proposed. [ DOI ]

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