Sub-picosecond all-optical switching of Tamm plasmonsстатья

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[1] Afinogenov B. I., Bessonov V. O., Fedyanin A. A. Sub-picosecond all-optical switching of tamm plasmons // AIP Conference Proceedings. — Vol. 1874. — United States: United States, 2017. — P. 030001. We have shown that the spectral position of Tamm plasmon resonance can be efficiently manipulated on a picosecond time scale by the photoinduced change in metal complex permittivity. Time-resolved spectroscopy of a gold/photonic crystal sample reflectance has shown that magnitude of the reflectance modulation in the sample is 20-fold enhanced in comparison with a bare gold film. By proper selection of the probe frequency, a 200-fs long reflectance modulation was observed. [ DOI ]

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