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[1] Fang M., Gasanova R. R. The role of games in student socialization // Reports Scientific Society. — 2018. — no. 1. — P. 5–10. The article presents the analysis of the problem of student socialization, which has pedagogical significance related to the evaluation of the essence of the game in the life of a person. In connection with the introduction of new approaches to the organization of the pedagogical process, active teaching methods, technical innovations, gaming technology attracts the close attention of many researchers. It is shown that the use of games as a method of instruction must be subordinated to the content of education, which includes socially-oriented, teaching, developing, communicative, reflective, psycho corrective, stimulating-stimulating functions of self-development and upbringing that have psychological, pedagogical, intellectual, spiritual, training effects that help to socialize in the process of life.

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