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[1] Yakovleva A. F. Scientific activity: The crisis of the subject in the world of knowledge // Russian Studies in Philosophy. — 2018. — Vol. 56, no. 1. — P. 61–70. This article analyzes the current state of scientific activity from the point of view of the place and role of its subject: the one performing that activity, the scholar the active participant in the research process, the subject of scientific creativity. Using contemporary phenomena as examples, the author demonstrates the crisis of the subject of scientific activity and the change in the nature of the subjectivity involved here. The article also examines how the development of scientific research influences social processes and vice versa, and shows that the state of crisis is evident. The level of responsibility in the process of constructing various social relationships between scientific entities is insufficient to meet the ethical norms that govern the normal functioning of scientific development, transforming the process of scientific creativity into a set of technological undertakings, a process that threatens to erode and eliminate the subject of scientific activity. [ DOI ]

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